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Use Cloud Storage

More than 50% of global companies have already have moved to the cloud

Looking to fully maximize your investment in Office 365?

If you’re aiming to improve team collaboration and are ready to move your business data and file storage online, OneDrive for Business is an excellent decision. With over 80% of Fortune 500 companies on Microsoft Cloud, OneDrive for Business can help you reduce your IT Infrastructure responsibilities, improve reliability and data redundancy and improve accessibility to data from any device.

Consult with us to find out more about our services and get your project started.

Techcerv's Drive

OneDrive for Business helps you use OneDrive For Business that is part of your Office 365 Enterprise license. Stop paying the additional and unnecessary fees for Box/DropBox/Google. With over 5k Office 365 users deployed in India, our experienced team can help you overcome common concerns when migrating to cloud storage.

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