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Best in class cloud platform consulting, training, managed services & security based on a comprehensive strategy perfect for your business’ industry, market and size.

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Cloud Nerds

Cloud Nerds

Certified and highly talented to offer the best solutions in the market: Azure, Cloud Storage, Cloud Recovery Services, Virtualization, Office 365, Monitoring Services, PowerBI, Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and more

Cloud Readiness Assessement

With a full and assertive diagnosis of your business current state of play, we can safely plan for the future.  Allowing us to implement any project with scalability, agility, security and reliability.

Integration, Design and Planning

Specialized architects your IT solutions will work as valuable tools to grow your business by cutting expenses, making it more agile, secure and with increased performance.

Cost-effective support

Allow us to work in conjunction with your in-house team or provide a complete outsourced service at a reasonable rate and with measurable results.  On and off premises.


Migrations can be a very complex process. We guarantee safe and high performance for critical data, processes and applications regardless of complexity.

Flat-fee rate

We are all about transparency and establishing long-term relations with our customers. We charge a flat-fee rate. So, if your company is migrating its data overnight or during the weekends, you won’t pay more.

Support Consulting

We are proud to offer excellent 24/7 support service on and off premises , with customized packages specifically designed for your needs.

Why Techcerv

Our mission is to offer tools and plans that scale as you grow with best 24/7 support, comprehensive packages, affordable prices and flexible contracts. 

Flexibility and Minimum Overhead

Our Expertise

Cloud Compute

We help with all aspects of cloud compute needs.

Security Center

We are here to assess and build your digital workplace secuirty.


We provide cloud training and adoption consulting.

Cost Consulting

We provide licensing consulting for you. 



75 plus customers

1000+ Trainings

5000+ Learners

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